Handmade souvenirs store

Souvenir sale with the best prices in Cancún

How to go?

We are located in the downtown of Cancún

To get to the store take the bus named "Ruta 1" from the hotel zone on direction to the downtown and get off when you arrive to the flea market "Kihuic" on Tulum avenue. You will find us right next to the bank "BBVA".

For more information ask to the bus driver.

Are you looking for any local handmade souvenirs or beach clothing?

Come to Artesanías Cancún to find these items and much more. We have the best prices in Cancún.

View of the store

Some pictures of the store.

Here you will find...

Sandy handmade souvenirs and more stuff

Swimsuits & covers

Swimsuits & covers

Neon t-shirts

Neon t-shirts


Coffee mugs and portraits

Tequila shot glasses and bottles